Last weekend I was  at JP’s Hot Dog stand at the Scituate Lighthouse. The food here is unbelievable and Joe Spinzola might be the nicest guy in Scituate.
IMG_1054Joe is kind enough to let me sell some of my framed prints under his tent; however, people generally don’t do their art shopping at hot dog stands and I usually just end up eating a bunch of hot dogs. I strongly recommend the Cedar Point hot dog.

At around 3:30, a wedding party bus pulled up for a photo shoot by the lighthouse.
Here’s the group gathering for some shots.
Before Rain
Right after they assembled themselves for the photo shoot, the sky changed from bright and sunny…to this ↓.
Joe and I knew what that sky meant and we started packing things up in anticipation. The wedding party wasn’t so prepared. When it started pouring rain, they bolted back to the bus. The bride wasn’t in a position to run so her new husband gave her some help.

running from rain

Not something you see every day.

The speed at which the groom was running with the bride slung over his shoulder was mind boggling. The guy tailing them can barely keep up and he’s only carrying an umbrella.

Sudden Showers

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Sudden Showers2

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I didn’t sell any framed prints but seeing this pretty much made my day.