movie ticket deposit box
My girlfriend and I love movies. For our first anniversary, I wanted to make something that celebrated our shared love of film, and incorporated the stubs I’d saved over the previous year. I decided to create a deposit box that we could display in our apartment and drop our tickets into after returning home from a movie.


Materials: Shadow box, various sheets of craft paper, and spray adhesive.

Equipment: Milling machine, Exact-o knife, straight edge.

Making the Ticket Box

The first step in creating the drop box was to drill a slot in the top. I put a piece of masking tape over the top to mark the center and protect the surface.
Making the Ticket Box

I found the center by using a caliper and used a milling machine to drill.

Making the Ticket Box

Because the shadow box was made from a composite plastic material, the edges were very rough.

Making the Ticket Box

In order to smooth off the edges, I used a countersink and made a pass over the slot
Making the Ticket Box

I used Photoshop to create an over sized ticket that would be the focal point of this deposit box. I made it a generic shape, however I made the serial number our anniversary. This personalized the gift and is my girlfriend’s favorite aspect of the design.

Ticket Template

I digitally distressed the image before printing it on gold parchment paper.

ticketThe final step was gluing all of the craft paper together and then to the inside of the box.

Ticket Stub Shadow Box