I recently had an idea to turn a floating corner shelf I bought at Lowes into a bedside table. I also had a dresser valet that looked like it would make a great shelf to sit underneath it and add some storage space. I really only had to make the brackets and add a few things to make this work. This only took a few hours at work and most of it was spent waiting for paint to dry. Here are the pictures of the essential steps.


Measured and marked

Measured and marked


Cut the two pieces on the ban saw.


Used a caliper to precisely measure the top ridge where the brackets would fit over.


Milled the wood


First try!


Used satin black spray paint to match the shelf.



Taped rough outline and traced shelf with pencil.


Sanded spots where brackets would be glued to promote adhesion.



Used Hapco epoxy to bond pieces.


Clamped shelf down so it wouldn’t move when bonding the pieces.


Screw to stop drawer from going back to far.


Made steps of tape under one full piece so the drawer would get snug as it was pushed in.

Floating Nightstand

When you pull it from the knob it works like a regular drawer. If you pull the whole thing the top part of the valet acts as a secret compartment for cash or any expensive jewelry.