Who Am I?

I’m an experienced Marketing and IT Director with a demonstrated history of working in the plastics industry. Skilled in Process Engineering, Materials Science, Marketing Strategy, Web Design & Management, Technical Writing, Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Business Development, and Information Technology.


Growing up in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s, I was able to experience the digital revolution first hand. My earliest memory of a computer was when I was four years old playing Marble Madness on my father’s Apple IIGS. My earliest computer training came at 10 years old after my elementary school got funding to build a computer lab with an Internet connection. That was 1994 and the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, but by the end of middle school, personal computers, cell phones, and the Internet had completely changed the way I conversed with peers, researched a paper or discovered new music. In high school I received a teacher’s award for most dedicated in my computer repair class and was a founding member of the school’s robotics club which is still competing in the F.I.R.S.T. competition to this day.

After graduating high school, my entrepreneurial ambitions led me to Bryant University where I earned a degree in Business Management. In July of 2006, I landed my first professional job at a plastics manufacturing company located in Hanover, MA. I started out in customer service, responding to questions over the phone and training customers to use Hapco’s materials and equipment. During my time in that role, I also assisted the marketing manager who challenged me to redesign all of Hapco’s outdated promotional literature. When she left the company in early 2009, I was promoted to marketing manager. In 2015, Hapco’s CIS manager left the company and I was given the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities. I currently handle all of the internet marketing and IT related functions for the company.

As a Marketing Professional

My current responsibilities include: Website development and maintenance, web hosting, search engine optimization, keyword research/optimization, website analytics, social media management, email marketing, content creation, and blogging. In 2017, I designed and developed a new website for the company, which has helped bring in some well-known clients in the aerospace and defense markets. I’m also responsible for all of the technical copywriting, graphic design, photography, as well as the directing, editing, and publishing of videos.

As an IT Professional

I am currently responsible for all of Hapco’s computer-related hardware and software, with the exception of our servers, firewall, and cloud backup services, which are co-managed with an IT consulting company. As the point of contact with all of our IT related vendors, I’ve participated in numerous large-scale upgrades and installations while still managing to cut IT-related spending significantly. My current responsibilities include: Troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of computer systems, hardware, peripherals, and telephony. Because email is Hapco’s primary means of communication with their clients, one of my main focuses has been to ensure the deliverability of emails and the functionality of the programs that are connected to sending or receiving them.

What Makes Me Unique

An exceptional work ethic and the desire to always go above & beyond and exceed people’s expectations have helped me to get to where I am today. I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and to grow, and my ability to diagnose a problem, gather information and apply that knowledge to formulate a solution is something I take great pride in.